144(a) Offerings & Opinions

What is a Rule 144(a) Transaction?

In order to sell restricted securities or control securities in the marketplace you must find an exemption from the SEC’s registration requirements.  Rule 144 provides a “safe harbor” exemption for the sale of restricted and control securities if all of the following five conditions are met:  (1) you have held them for the requisite “Holding Period”; (2) “Current Information” is deemed adequate; (3) they meet the “Trading Volume Formula”; (4) they are classified as “Ordinary Brokerage Transactions”; (5) and you have filed a “Notice of Proposed Sale” with the SEC. Another option is to have the restrictive legend removed.   Initially, however, you will need to identify what kind of securities you have before determining if fulfilling the requirements of Rule 144 will enable you to sell them under the exemption.

Why Choose Us?

Our team has more than 30 years of combined securities and business law experience, and our objective in serving clients is not simply to draft your 144(a) offering, but to guide the sale of the restricted securities. 144(a) offerings require the high level of skill and experience that our securities attorneys can provide. However, the typically high cost of drafting a public offering is an obstacle for many companies. Our firm provides a unique combination of experience, professionalism, and competitive pricing. As a boutique law firm, our rates are very competitive and will vary, depending upon the level of complexity determined during due diligence.

How is Our Service Different from Our Competitors?

  • There are very few securities law firms in the country such as ours in that we not only practice securities law almost exclusively but we also have the knowledge to guide you through the legal maze that is the issuing process.
  • Our law firm’s sister company, Centarus Business Consultants, Ltd., serves our clients as an ally in the retail distribution process.
  • Our Securities lawyers serve primarily microcap clients and we recognize that our clients require skill and professionalism at a cost that is far more competitive than most midsize or large law firms.