About Us

Who Are We?

Centarus Companies is a descriptive trade name for three affiliated companies: Centarus Legal Services PC, and Centarus Business Consultants, Ltd, and our affiliated FINRA registered broker dealer. Our companies endeavor to provide our clients with the highest level of service and client satisfaction possible. Our lawyers, business consultants, and affiliated FINRA registered broker dealer work closely together so that the legal and business aspects of an engagement are thoroughly addressed. Our ability to raise capital in this environment requires a close and personal relationship between the client’s executive team and our management team, but this necessitates that we are selective in accepting new client engagements.

Our Consulting Team and Client Selection Criteria

As a prerequisite to accepting a consulting engagement with a client, our executive and consulting teams must agree that we have a strong likelihood of success in achieving the company’s eventual objectives. Potential microcap clients shouldn’t be dissuaded by our rigorous selection process; that is, we believe that if our potential clients have properly devoted time to searching for capital in the market today, they will recognize that private equity, venture capital and other institutional investors have similar thresholds. However, since we specialize in serving microcap clients, we have a far greater likelihood of success with this niche than many other institutional and large private investors, since they often have very narrow “sweet spots” that generally don’t favor early stage businesses.

Our Legal Team

Our legal services team possesses not only the technical legal experience and skill necessary to expertly draft securities and other business transactional documents but each team member has extensive experience with the “business” of capital raising. Furthermore, as a boutique legal, consulting, and banking services provider, we feel that we can provide a higher level of client service than many midsize and large securities firms, while simultaneously providing more competitive billing. Another difference between our attorneys and others in the industry is our solution oriented focus. This focus can be attributed to our extensive business experience, our close relationship with our affiliated business consulting company and our “glass is half full” attitude. Our objective is to find effective legal and business solutions to problems for the purpose of achieving our clients business and financial objectives. Conversely, we are not being paid to find problems that thwart progress, as is frequently the focus in the legal profession.

Services We Provide

A key differentiator between our organization and other capital and business consulting firms is our experience. Many business consulting firms possess knowledge and skill but lack “real” capital raising experience and the sophistication to know what is necessary to raise large amounts of capital for a client.

Our extensive capital raising experience has taught us that the method and content of presenting an investment opportunity are among the most significant factors in raising institutional capital. We know because we don’t just draft selling materials – we also raise capital.

We utilize the highest quality messaging materials in the industry, and we provide our institutional clients with a high level, easy to understand, visually compelling, and storytelling presentation of our clients’ investment value proposition.

How We Are Different

Centarus Legal Services can be differentiated from other law firms in our industry by our dedication to finding effective legal solutions to client challenges.

Additionally, we are not a high-volume mill where clients are just numbers in a billing software program; instead our objective is to provide consistently personal and responsive legal and business consulting services. And while we deliver the highest level of professional services, our fees are extremely competitive.

Next, we are one of the few firms nationally that possess the combined legal and business experience necessary to guide clients through the challenging and sometimes stressful capital raising process and its associated legal maze. Many local and national securities law firms are familiar with the law, but are relatively unfamiliar with the process of raising capital and its associated obstacles.