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What Is Our Litigation Concentration?

The Centarus Legal Services team concentrates in two types of business litigation: (a) breach of contract and (b) investor fraud.

What are Breach of Contract and Investor Fraud Claims?

Upon entering into a contract with a business or individual, clients generally expect that party to fulfill its end of the agreement based on the terms agreed upon. Unfortunately, contracts are often breached because one party fails to perform or fails to completely perform (partial-performance) its obligations. In any substantial commercial or financial enterprise, contract litigation can be unavoidable.  However, the experience, skill, and results orientation that Centarus Legal Services attorneys possess helps our clients prevail in the eventual contest that arises—litigation.

Breach of Contract and Contract Disputes

From our Northwest Suburban Illinois office we represent individuals and businesses – from small family-owned businesses to large corporations – in contract disputes including breach of contract and contract interpretation. We are skilled trial lawyers with a detailed understanding of the complexities of contract litigation. Our objective is for our clients to prevail and to secure a recovery for any applicable damages they suffer.

Representation for Illinois Businesses and Individuals

A contract is generally an agreement to provide compensation in exchange for a good or service. A contract can be based on a written agreement, an oral promise, or created through the course of dealings between the parties. A breach of contract occurs when some part of that agreement isn’t honored by one or more parties to the agreement. If another party has broken a contract with you, we can provide a candid assessment of the damages to which you may be entitled.

Breach of contract damages generally translate to the “benefit of the bargain,” that is, what would have been the benefit of the fully-performed contract. Sometimes clients are better-served by pursuing damages based on the contract and other times a better avenue would be to pursue alternate options. Our lawyers possess the knowledge and experience to guide you toward the best possible outcome.

Investor Fraud Claims and Disputes

An investor fraud claim may simply appear to be a breach of contract dispute but it is much more involved. When an issuer, broker dealer, registered or unregistered representative, or promoter has fraudulently represented the nature of an investment there are many potential legal options that an Illinois investor fraud attorney can pursue for the injured investor.

We must all accept the fact that fraudulent activities have now become fairly common these days and when the sale of securities are involved in such fraud, the best shoulder to fall upon is an Illinois investor fraud attorney. The truth of the matter is that when an investor bestows his trust and faith in an investment company, banking firm, or other private investment broker, he should reasonably expect a high level of integrity and fair dealing. Securities fraud can arise in many ways. Two such ways are (1) when the professionals with whom you have entrusted to manage your investment your bonds, stocks and mutual funds unlawfully profit from your investments, or (2) when an issuer fails to comply with the securities laws in issuing its securities or fails to disclose a material element or risk inherent in an investment opportunity. It is in such circumstances that a Chicago investor fraud attorney can be invaluable.

Succeeding in a lawsuit requires a high degree of experience and skill from the Illinois investor fraud attorney. Our team provides such a level of skill, and professionalism.

Among the various types of causes of actions, in addition to breach of contract, which may arise from investor fraud circumstances are the following:

  • Conversion
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Violations of the Securities Act
  • Violations of Section 10(b) of the Exchange Act
  • Claims in Equity for Disgorgement
  • State Securities Fraud Violations
  • State Consumer Fraud
  • Constructive Trust Claims

Asserting these causes of action can permit investors to recover their entire investment with interest but this is only possible if the litigators involved in the action thoroughly understand not only contracts law but also securities laws. Our attorneys have particular expertise in both of these areas.

We retain highly skilled litigators as part of our team. When something has gone wrong with a contractual commitment, you can rely on us to help you through this challenging and adversarial process. Contract and investor fraud litigation can be very complex but you can feel confident that our experience and skill will help you achieve a favorable outcome. If you are involved in a contract dispute, contact us for a free consultation with an experienced attorney;

Why Hire Us?

We are dedicated to finding effective litigation solutions to client challenges. Our legal team is comprised of veteran litigators, who have an average of 15 years of experience, and most of our team members possess more than two decades of experience. Many litigators have limited business experience prior to beginning their practice of law. Our litigation teams combine lawyers with extensive legal experience and lawyers with extensive litigation and strategy experience. This allows our litigation team to plan for optimal client outcomes.

Without a litigation plan and a sound strategy, a litigation team can only be reactive, and it cannot possible lead a litigation. On the other hand, beginning litigation with a strategy and adjusting along the way allows for the most dominant positioning and maximizes client outcomes. In addition to maximizing outcomes, our firm is able to maintain the lowest possible cost to our clients since we don’t allow our team to be subject to the whims of opposing counsel.

Next, using the appropriate amount of force necessary to accomplish an objective is not as common as it may seem. In fact, many litigators either use force at the wrong time or fail to use force at all. Our team is uniquely experienced in using an appropriate amount of force an aggressiveness to accomplish our client’s objectives.