Fund Offerings

About Our PPM Fund Drafting:

  • Our PPM’s are expertly drafted based on your specific funding requirements – Our private placement attorneys do not use templates, and they should never be used!
  • Our offerings are drafted and reviewed by no less than TWO highly skilled and experienced attorneys for accuracy
  • Every offering will be drafted by at least one securities attorney who has more than a decade of securities law and capital markets experience
  • Our attorneys are large law firm caliber attorneys, and most are graduates of top law schools with top tier experience
  • We are one of the few law firms in the country that represents other law firms clients in Securities and Exchange Commission defense actions
  • Our goal is to protect you from future SEC, regulatory, legal and criminal prosecution, and to design a legal structure that will help you succeed.
  • Our competitive flat fee pricing that is significantly lower than similarly skilled midsize or large law firms
  • A Regulation D (Reg D) Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) or Private Placement Offering (PPO) is a legal document that is generally required to raise capital from high net worth individuals and institutional investors. Getting funding through a private placement offering can be a very complicated and tricky process if not done right.
  • Because of the potential for civil and criminal prosecution if not executed properly, these offering documents require a high level of skill and experience—this is the reason that we assign TWO securities attorneys to draft all of our client’s offering documents. In addition, almost all of our securities lawyers have over a decade of experience drafting securities offering documents. This is nearly double the experience of most small law firms. In fact, most large law firms assign only associate level attorneys, with less than 7 years of experience, to draft most clients offering documents. These same large law firms assign their veteran lawyers to serve only their large and “valued” clients.
  • Our documents are not drafted based on theoretical legal principals. Instead, since we are also securities litigators, we draft our offering documents so that they anticipate potential arguments that plaintiff’s attorneys and regulators could make against our clients in the future. Our backgrounds and our close ties to investment banking firms allow us to provide you with deal structuring and market advice that other lawyers can’t.
  • Finally, private placement offering documents must be carefully crafted to protect you from running afoul of the securities laws, and non-lawyer consulting firms and inexperienced lawyers are simply unequipped to draft these types of documents. In fact, many experienced veteran large law firm securities lawyers, while very competent, only devote a small percentage of their practice to drafting private placements. If you look at large law firm lawyer’s bio’s, you will notice that nearly all of them describe their lawyers as experts in no less than 4 areas of law in addition to securities law (ie. mergers and acquisitions, real estate, banking law, etc). At our firm, 95% of our law practice is devoted to drafting private placements and public offerings and to litigating securities matters for other law firm’s clients. In addition, we have a proven track record of drafting legal documents that protect clients from litigation and regulatory investigation.

Why Centarus Professional Services?

We are one of a few full-service securities law firms that possess the benefits described below. We are experienced private placement lawyers, and we provide large law firm skill and experience at extremely competitive boutique law firm pricing. We are among the most competitively priced law firms in the nation, given our level of skill and experience. Our team has more than 50 years of combined securities law experience, and our objective in serving clients is not to simply draft a private placement memorandum, but  to help our clients by drafting an offering that will protect them against potential future civil and criminal allegations, if investors aren’t satisfied with the outcome of their investment.

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Our Skill and Experience:

We are a boutique law firm that possesses the same level of skill and experience as a mid-size or a large law firm. Each of our attorneys has more than a decade of legal experience, and most are graduates of top schools in the U.S. Our team is comprised of a former Morgan Stanley in-house attorney, a former Securities and Exchange Commission staff reviewer, a former litigator with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, and other attorneys who were trained by and worked at large and prestigious law firms.

We Utilize at Least Two Seasoned Attorneys to Draft Every Securities Document:

Why? Because we believe that this level of redundancy is necessary to draft securities offering documents in order to properly protect clients from the risk of future potential civil and criminal prosecution.

We Can Protect You Better Than Many Other Law Firms:

Since we are also securities litigators, we represent investors in securities fraud civil actions. These are litigation actions where investors have invested in offerings and have become dissatisfied with the results of the offering.

Experience with Distribution:

Most law firms are far removed from securities distribution, in terms of real, hands-on experience. Our attorneys aren’t just former law firm attorneys; many of our attorneys have worked directly for issuers that have issued millions of dollars in securities. This provides our lawyers with extensive real world securities distribution experience and allows us to furnish our clients with necessary direction that other law firms cannot.

Competitively Priced:

We offer flat fee pricing that is extremely competitive when you consider our skill and experience.